Strategic Data Center, an affiliate company of Strategic Capital Fund Management, has announced the acquisition of a data center property located northeast of Baltimore city center in Maryland.

Acquired for approximately $3 million, the Baltimore Data Center is precisely sited adjacent to the I-95 Philadelphia-Baltimore-Washington D.C. corridor. The facility hosts a single tenant which is one of the telecommunications companies in the U.S., occupying 100% of the roughly 9,500 square foot data center building for approximately thirty years and operates a central office and networking switch at the property.

“We believe securing an asset like this, along with a 30-year tenant that has more than $130 billion in annual revenues and a BBB+ S&P rating, enhances our growing portfolio of essential data center assets,” said Bryan Marsh, CEO of Strategic Data Center.

In September 2020, Strategic Data Center announced the acquisition of a data center facility in Northern Virginia (NoVA) for approximately $8.25 million. This Reston Data Center property is a tier III facility that features about 21,100 square feet of leasable data center space. The building however, has been completely leased out to a data center service provider for the delivery of colocation services to the tenant’s existing client base. According to Strategic Data Center, the current Reston data center tenant has about 10 years of lease term remaining.

Also in Maryland, College Park based quantum computing hardware and software company IonQ, announced last year, the opening of its Quantum data center located in the Discovery District of Maryland.

The 23,000 square foot Quantum data center project was funded by a $5.5 million investment from the University of Maryland, which was made to accelerate advancements in research, innovation, and learning. This announcement also follows recent funding from Lockheed Martin, Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH (RBVC) and Cambium VC.

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