Hyperscale campus provider, Vantage Data Centers, has just announced its delivery of three new data center facilities, two in Berlin and one in Frankfurt.

The first data center, codenamed Berlin I campus is a two-story facility sited on 25-acre (10-hectare), built to deliver 16MW of IT capacity on a 130,000 square foot (12,000 square meter) IT space. Once completed the campus is to feature four data centers and a total of 56MW capacity and 474,000 square feet (44,000 square meters).

The second data center codenamed Berlin II campus, is a two-story facility with 16MW of IT capacity that is built on Vantage’s 12-acre (five-hectare) site – a data center campus that is expected to house two facilities and offer a total of 32MW and 260,000 square feet (24,000 square meters) upon completion, as earlier announced in June.

“Vantage has experienced rapid growth over the past three years as we continue to construct world-class data center campuses across EMEA,” said Antoine Boniface, president, EMEA at Vantage Data Centers.

“Since we first entered the market in 2020, we have been investing in the highly developed country of Germany, the financial powerhouse of the European Union and the most desired data center market anywhere in Europe due to its growing use of cloud computing, high-speed internet penetration and data sovereignty laws. We have taken critical steps to not only drive growth and development to meet the needs of our customers, but to build partnerships within local communities and create meaningful job opportunities for the local citizens.”

The third data center, is sited on Vantage’s Frankfurt II campus – a seven acres (three hectares) site in Raunheim and includes 350,000 square feet (33,000 square meters). The new data center is expected to deliver 40MW IT load of the campus’ projected 56MW of total IT capacity.

Combined, the two Berlin campuses will offer 32MW of capacity while the Frankfurt campus will offer 40MW IT capacity, totaling 72MW.