Virtus Data Centres has announced that it is embarking on further expansion of its West London campus in Slough, with the development of LONDON11, a 5,500 square meter data center.

The 13MW data center LONDON11, will join LONDON3, LONDON4, LONDON9 and LONDON10 to bring Virtus Slough campus total power capacity to about 77.5MW and 32,150 square meters of net technical space.

“The start of building LONDON11 is a significant milestone in a busy year for Virtus. Throughout the COVID-19 epidemic our focus on operational excellence has enabled us to provide safe, reliable service to our valued customers, from our five live data centers, whilst also safely bringing two additional new data centers live in the past six months,” said Neil Cresswell, CEO of Virtus Data Centres.

“An additional three sites are scheduled to go live in the next 12 months, followed by LONDON11 in 2022. We continue to see increasing demand for quality colocation at scale in the London data center market – driven by remote working, accelerating digital transformation and Brexit, amongst other factors. We have worked hard in the last five years to provide this continuous runway of state-of-the-art, well connected data centers – in key UK locations where there is limited supply – stretching out years into the future, and with the backing of STT GDC, we will continue to support our customers as they scale and grow.”

ST Telemedia Global Data Centres (STT GDC) acquired control of Virtus in 2017, following the acquisition of Brockton Capital’s entire stake in Virtus. STT GDC currently operate over 110 data centers and about 1.2GW of IT load across geographies including China, India, and Singapore.

As stated, LONDON11 is expected to go live in November 2022, and increase Virtus’ total data center portfolio to more than 178MW and approximately 77,000 square meters of data center space across its UK locations; this includes the four data centers within Virtus’ Stockley Park Campus.

Powered by its by partnership with Bryt Energy, Virtus reiterated its commitment to using 100%  renewable, carbon zero energy from wind, hydro or solar sources throughout its data center facilities, adding that LONDON11 will be certified to seven international ISO standards, as the company plans to rollout ISO 22301 and ISO 45001 certifications to all its live facilities in 2021.