Data center developer and service provider Yondr Group, has just announced it plans to develop a 40MW data center facility in Frankfurt, Germany, precisely located in the City of Bischofsheim.

The announcement of this hyperscale project joins the company’s prior expansion plans which include the development of a data center campus in Slough that is expected to deliver up to 30MW of IT capacity on the initial phase of its development and a total capacity of 100MW upon full build.

“The last few years have seen aggressive expansion in Frankfurt due to increased cloud capacity demands. The availability of this new metro will greatly support our clients’ growth and remove any constraints when it comes to scalability challenges,” said Pete Jones, Chief Development Officer and Founder of Yondr Group.

“The data center project proposed by Yondr is the largest and perhaps the most important development project for the City of Bischofsheim. With Yondr’s presence, Bischofsheim will become a digital infrastructure pillar and our community will greatly benefit from the influx in innovation,” said Mayor Ingo Kalweit.

On the global stage, Yondr is significantly expanding its data center portfolio. In July 2021, Yondr formed a $1 Billion (USD) joint venture partnership with Everstone Group to develop and operate data centers in India, including but not restricted to the metros of Mumbai Metropolitan Region, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and National Capital Region (Delhi).

Yondr is also expanding its portfolio in the Americas as it recently announced a $2 billion investment to expand its operations across the United States, Canada, Central and South America. This was followed by the acquisition of 270 acres of land in Loudoun and Prince William Counties, Northern Virginia – where the company plans to develop data centers which are expected to support the delivery of 500MW of critical IT capacity when fully built out.

As announced, Yondr’s latest 40MW Frankfurt data center project is expected to be ready for service by the first quarter of 2024.