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Global Cloud Data Centre (IT3)

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Aruba S.p.A’s  Global Cloud Data Center is a data center campus with a surface area of 200,000m2 in Ponte San Pietro (BG), just a few minutes from Milan. All the systems have been designed and built to meet and exceed the highest levels of resilience set by ANSI/TIA 942-B-2017 Rating 4 (formerly Tier 4). At the IT3 Data Center, traffic can be exchanged with all the operators on the Milan Internet eXchange in Milan, thanks to the MIX Point of Presence.

  • A surface area of 200,000m2 dedicated to data center space
  • Maximum logical and physical security, with armed guards 24/7 and 7 different security perimeters
  • Up to 60MW of power, with self-produced hydroelectric and photovoltaic energy
  • Double multi-modular power center with UPS boasting 2N + 1 redundancy
  • Made-to- measure power of up to 40kW per rack
  • Redundant emergency generators with 48-hour full-load autonomy without refuelling
  • Data hall made entirely of firewalls and ceiling with double insulation
  • Carrier neutral data center with optional managed connectivity
  • Made-to-measure colocation solutions: from rack units to a dedicated data center
  • Storage and office space available to customers

Latest news:

To mark the anniversary of the campus, Aruba has formalized extensive expansion work that involves the entire area and will lead to the imminent activation of two new data centers, called DC-B and DC-C. In detail, the DC-B will have a power of 9 MW, divided between three large rooms. The DC-C, on the other hand, will be a multi-storey data center with 4 data rooms located on two levels, and a fully operational power of 8 MW. The works on the DC-B will be completed by the first half of 2021, while those relating to the DC-C by the first half of 2022.

The new modules will go alongside DC-A, the first of the data centers inaugurated within the campus, which has 10 data rooms, with almost all capacity being used. With the two new modules, the surface area hosting the data centers on the campus becomes 80,000m² of which over 23,000 m² is dedicated to data rooms.

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