Nordics data center services firm Advania has announced the acquisition of Accountor ICT, an infrastructure and cloud services company in Finland.

Accountor ICT is a subsidiary of Accountor Group which is carrying out this divestment as part of its revised strategy to give more attention to the company’s core business of HR, payroll and other financial services.

“We believe the sale enables Accountor ICT to develop its business further and better meet future customer needs. We have been delighted with our team’s excellent performance and we thank everybody for sharing their talent,” said Niklas Sonkin, CEO of Accountor.

Headquartered in Iceland, Advania states that the deal now brings its professionals based in Finland to over 80, who are working on digitalization projects and managing critical services for infrastructure organizations across Europe.

“The demand for digitalization is high and fast-growing. With our new colleagues on board, we have a highly motivated team of world-class professionals. Together we will deliver complex and innovative projects, introducing cutting-edge technologies to the Finnish market. We are ready to add more value to our current and new customers,” said Sami Grönberg, CEO of Advania Finland.

For Advania, this acquisition is part of its growth strategy and goal to become the leading partner in IT infrastructure, digitalization and managed services, with operations in all Nordic countries.

Earlier this month, Advania’s Norway business region sold off its ERP deployment and services arm to Nordic rival Columbus. The sell-off was part of its strategy to increase the company’s focus on infrastructure services.

Advania stepped into Finland about a year ago for the first time and made its first investment in the country through the acquisition of managed service provider Vintor.

The company is also expecting a new data center facility in Stockholm, Sweden for which it plans a total development cost of up to $70 million and will have the first phase come online this year.