Nordic data center service provider, atNorth, has just announced that it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire two data center facilities in Finland from Advania AB.

While this acquisition marks atNorth’s entry in to Finland, the company plans to take over the operations and management of the two data centers, but will retain talent from Advania to continue running the facilities in a more improved way to serve existing customers.

“An important reason to establish a partnership with atNorth in Finland is their dedicated focus to deliver high quality and sustainable services. We appreciate teaming up with companies with the same customer focus and quality mindset as ourselves,” said Atte Kekkonen, CEO, Advania Finland.

As announced, the new acquisition further fuels the company’s expansion in the Nordic region as atNorth also plans to build a third site in Finland. Adding to atNorth’s growing portfolio of data center facilities across the Nordics, the company stated that an expert team of atNorth data center specialists will oversee the process to ensure a smooth transition with uninterrupted operations and seamless service.

“We are happy to launch atNorth’s operations in Finland. It is a part of our growth strategy to grow and expand our services sustainably and strategically across the Nordics. As organizations increasingly move IT workloads to the Nordics, the investment into this region is critical for atNorth to continue to support our customers in a sustainable, efficient manner,” said Eyjólfur Magnús Kristinsson, CEO, atNorth. ​

“We are proud to invest into the region and Finnish data center industry with this acquisition, as we prepare to expand further into the region. Our presence in Finland will align our vision to grow our Nordics footprint and vision to become the go-to decarbonization platform for today and tomorrow’s global organizations.”

atNorth also announced the opening of its first data center in Kista, Stockholm, Sweden sometimes last year, stating that the new data center will offer 1.5MW of power capacity, and specifically designed for high density workloads, such as advanced calculations for AI, simulations, and risk analysis.