The office of the Governor of Virginia has just announced that Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud service arm of Amazon, plans to invest $35 billion in the state for the development of data center campuses and related operations.

Spanning up to 2040, the planned investment is expected to create about 1,000 total new jobs across Virginia, however, it is stated that numerous localities within the state are under consideration for the proposed data center campuses and will be decided at a later date.

“AWS has a significant presence in Virginia, and we are excited that AWS has chosen to continue their growth and expand their footprint across the Commonwealth. Virginia will continue to encourage the development of this new generation of data center campuses across multiple regions of the Commonwealth. These areas offer robust utility infrastructure, lower costs, great livability, and highly educated workforces and will benefit from the associated economic development and increased tax base, assisting the schools and providing services to the community,” said Glenn Youngkin Governor of Virignia.

Establishing its first data centers and operations facilities in 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) claims that the new proposed data center campuses will position the company for a long-term growth in Virginia.

“Virginia is a world leader in innovation and cloud computing, thanks to its investment in a robust, highly-skilled workforce and emphasis on long-term public and private partnerships,” said Roger Wehner, Director of Economic Development, AWS.

“Since 2006, AWS has invested more than $35 billion in Virginia, boosting the Commonwealth’s total Gross Domestic Product by nearly $7 billion and supporting thousands of jobs annually. Building on these successful beginnings, we plan to invest an additional $35 billion in the Commonwealth of Virginia by 2040 and create 1,000 jobs.”

AWS, also announced plans to significantly expand its data center and cloud footprint in the UK in April last year. The expansion is expected to require an investment of about £1.8 billion which will be expended on building and operating data centers in the UK, over the next two years.