Carrier-neutral interconnection and hyperscale edge data center provider Cologix, has just announced the complete acquisition of an interconnection and colocation facility located at 175 West Cordova in the Gastown District of Vancouver.

Now renamed as VAN4, the newly acquired facility offers 68,000 square feet of space and expected to deliver 4MW of colocation capacity across 4 floors.

VAN4 also serves as an interconnection hub or gateway for Vancouver and the Asia Pacific networking infrastructure, including the primary Seattle to Vancouver terrestrial long haul fiber route and the Rogers long haul fiber network, as well as the Cascadia Gateway which is yet to be launched.

This acquisition deal was first announced in June 2021 when Cologix signed a definitive agreement to purchase the interconnection facility from Zayo Group Holdings in downtown Vancouver. Upon completion of the acquisition deal, Cologix stated that it plans to immediately invest in the VAN4 to deliver 4.2MW of additional capacity.

“175 West Cordova is already the most strategically connected building in Vancouver, home to several international and trans Canadian long-haul networks with strong pre-leasing activity for additional transpacific carriers and new hyperscale edge deployments. As we have invested in dark fiber capacity linking our other 3 Vancouver data centers, VAN1-3, we will similarly invest to tie in VAN4,” said Bill Fathers, CEO of Cologix.

Located 2 blocks from VAN1, VAN4 is expected to join the company’s dark fiber ring which currently connects VAN1, VAN2, & VAN3. The latest data center also provides diverse connectivity options with major Canadian networks in the facility, including Bell Canada, Rogers, Shaw, Telus and Zayo – staying as a network service provider.

Along with the initial announcement of VAN4, Cologix announced that it working to expand its Toronto footprint through the further development of TOR4, adding 50,000 square feet of space and 10MW of power to the campus. This is planned to further compliment the operations of the Toronto campus as the company offers diverse dark fiber connectivity between TOR4 and TOR1.