Interxion, a Digital Realty Company and provider of carrier-neutral data center services, has been selected by Crosslake Fibre to provide a landing station for its CrossChannel Fibre System.

The CrossChannel Fibre System is a new high fibre count subsea cable being setup for ultra-low latency and geographically diverse interconnection between Paris and the UK.

“Interxion’s Paris data centers are home to a thriving community of networks, enterprises, content providers, as well as financial, gaming, and media companies that will all benefit from the CrossChannel Fibre System’s diverse routing, high capacity and low latency,” said Fergus Innes, Senior Vice President at Crosslake Fibre.

Expected to go live by the end of 2021, the new 520km cable system will contain 96 fibre pairs, each providing over 20 terabits per second of capacity, and claimed to be the first subsea cable to be built across the English Channel in nearly twenty years.

“The CrossChannel Fibre System will provide the shortest path between Paris and the UK, a critical benefit for our latency sensitive customers. In addition, the system follows a new, physically separate route from Paris to the UK, enabling our customers to enhance the resilience of their networks and efficiently overcome data gravity challenges,” said Mike Hollands, Senior Director, Market Development at Digital Realty.

“The CrossChannel Fibre System will alleviate the effect of being weighed down by data gravity, by opening up a new route for data to move efficiently between businesses. This is particularly important for London and Paris as, according to the Data Gravity Index DGx™, London and Paris are one of the world’s most interconnected city pairings – coming in second after London and Amsterdam.”

Interxion’s Paris data center campus comprises seven data centers, and is currently undergoing major expansion with the construction of the Interxion Paris Digital Park. With this selection by Crosslake, Interxion will not just play a major role in helping businesses interact more easily between the UK and mainland Europe but also allow its customers in all Paris data centers to interconnect seamlessly to the CrossChannel Fibre System following its anticipated activation.