Data center developer and operator, CyrusOne, has just formed a joint venture with Kansai Electric Power Company, Inc. (KEPCO) aimed at developing hyperscale data centers across Japan.

Called CyrusOne KEP, the joint venture is formed with equal investments by the two companies, also bringing together the data center and energy expertise of CyrusOne and KEPCO. As planned, the joint venture is set to undertake hyperscale data center development and operation business in Japan with a planned investment of at least one trillion yen (more than $7 Billion USD) over the next 10 years to reach a business scale of 900MW.

“This is a unique partnership that brings data center and power knowledge and capability together and provides a unique opportunity to simultaneously optimize digital and power infrastructure. KEPCO is one of the largest utility providers in Japan with extensive local expertise. Their knowledge and relationships plus CyrusOne’s design, development and commercial operations of data centers positions us to further serve customers with growth aspirations around the world,” ,” said Eric Schwartz, president and CEO of CyrusOne.

“CyrusOne is a global leader in hyperscale data centers in terms of both scale and growth. KEPCO and CyrusOne are optimal partners due to their deep understanding of power and utility operations, and their cultural and organizational flexibility. With the joint venture, the KEPCO Group aims to provide world-best quality service to the cloud companies and technology organizations in Japan,” said Nozomu Mori, president and CEO of KEPCO.

With plans to commence development in short time, CyrusOne and KEPCO announced that the first facility under this joint venture will be sited in the Kansai area, followed by other development across major markets across Japan.

In February, CyrusOne also announced its acquisition of a 57.6-acre land parcel in Loudoun County, Virginia, to further expand its data center footprint in the region.