Data center service provider DataBank, has just announced its acquisition of a property located at 6961 S. Quentin Street in Centennial Colorado, which will become the home of DataBank’s 5th Denver data center.

Through this transaction, DataBank gains ownership of an existing industrial building and land sited adjacent to its currently operational 2nd Denver data center (DEN2). The 108,000 square foot building is estimated to provide 75,000 square feet of raised flooring and 15MW of power upon full capacity development.

“The investment in this new campus responds to Denver’s need for colocation, connectivity, and cloud services, solidifying its status as a prime location for enterprise-class data centers. With this acquisition, DataBank will bring to the Denver market both high-value IT operations jobs and the reliable IT infrastructure our customers need to create a limitless digital future for their business,” said Raul Martynek, Chief Executive Officer of DataBank.

DEN5 is planned to become a carrier-neutral data center which will leverage the staff, resources, network and carrier access of DEN2. The initial phase of DEN5 development is expected to deliver one data hall of 30,000 square feet and 6MW of IT power, having an expansion capacity of two additional data halls.

This announcement follows the company’s expansion of its Dallas Fort Worth Data Center, DFW3, which houses DataBank’s flagship Dallas area data center. Through this Dallas Fort Worth expansion, the company opened its Data Hall 3, adding 12,000 square feet of raised floor and 1.5MW of IT power to the facility.

In June, DataBank also announced the expansion of its Pittsburgh Data Center PIT2, adding 25,000 square feet of raised floor space and 2.5MW of IT power to the facility. PIT2 is a carrier-neutral facility that offers connectivity with a range of onsite carriers, and a low-latency connection to PIT1, the regional carrier hotel.