DataGryd Data Centers which has just been renamed as Hudson Interxchange (Hudson IX), has announced further rebranding and expansion plans, following its $74 million acquisition by Cordiant Digital Infrastructure earlier this year.

The expansion plans are set for Hudson IX facility which is mainly at 60 Hudson Street in New York City where Cordiant intends to invest an additional $75 million over the next three years. Hudson IX therefore plans to pursue an option to take up an additional 120,000 square feet of data center space, increasing its footprint at 60 Hudson Street to four floors, or by more than a third of the building’s leasable space.

“We’re excited to announce our new name and brand identity following the Cordiant Digital Infrastructure acquisition of DataGryd Data Centers in January. With Cordiant’s backing, we are ready to move forward with our expansion to four floors of 60 Hudson Street, which will make us the building’s largest single tenant and further position us as a leading player in this critical market segment,” said Thomas Brown, President and CEO of HudsonIX.

“Looking to the future, Hudson IX is not stopping at 60 Hudson. While we will expand operations at 60 Hudson, Hudson IX as a whole will enter strategic alliances within the industry and evolve into a dynamic, customer-facing organization that is part of the broader interconnectivity ecosystem. Right now, there are not enough aggregation points within the data center industry. Seamless interconnection is key. We plan to be a major player in that effort.”

Founded in 2011, Hudson Interxchange (formerly DataGryd) currently operates a 120,000 square foot data center in the 60 Hudson Street carrier hotel in lower Manhattan, following a 5MW expansion in 2019 that added 72,000 square feet of data center space to the company’s portfolio.

On further rebranding, Hudson IX is beginning with the roll out of a new website and a refreshed podcast series. Hudson IX’s CEO also stated that the company is considering a future expansion of its footprint into Canada.