Cloud and carrier-neutral data center service provider Digital Realty, has just announced reaching an agreement to make an investment in AtlasEdge Data Centres, a European edge data center provider.

AtlasEdge was formed through a joint venture between Liberty Global and DigitalBridge in the spring of 2021, and the company now boast of over 100 facilities across Europe through which it delivers cloud services. With this agreement, AtlasEdge establishes two relationships with Digital Realty and Zayo Group.

“AtlasEdge is quickly becoming a key partner to businesses across Europe, and we are pleased to partner with them to meet the needs of this important region, and to advance our edge strategy as the market develops. Our global edge strategy includes partnering with key players around the world, and we are excited for AtlasEdge to accompany us on the journey with their unique assets and strong market position,” said Chris Sharp, Chief Technology Officer at Digital Realty.

In line with the new investment, Giuliano Di Vitantonio, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Business Segments at Digital Realty, will join AtlasEdge as Chief Executive Officer, effective January 2022.

“Our collaborative approach is accelerating with today’s announcements and the arrival of Giuliano, who has played a critical role in some of the most successful data Centre growth strategies in the industry,” said Josh Joshi, Executive Chairman of AtlasEdge.

“We are delighted that we have been able to secure a leader of such credibility and caliber to lead AtlasEdge. We believe that demand is quickly moving to the edge to support the requirements for the digital economy, and AtlasEdge will be the default name in European edge infrastructure.”

While this agreement will enable Digital Realty to extend the scale of its presence across Europe by offering AtlasEdge locations to its customers, Zayo Group on the other hand, will collaborate with AtlasEdge to connect its carrier-neutral, fibre-based network with AtlasEdge technical facilities in support of their increasing customer requirements.