Edge colocation and micro data centers provider EdgeMicro, has entered into a customer agreement with Cloudflare that makes the latter an anchor tenant across more than 30 EdgeMicro’s facilities.

These edge deployments are expected to help Cloudflare deliver its cloud-based services to customers with ultra-low latency, using an infrastructure that is closer to end users than centralized peering infrastructures.

“Cloudflare’s mission is to help build a better Internet. This means improving its security, reliability, and performance, which are all directly supported by our work with EdgeMicro,” said Nitin Rao, Head of Global Infrastructure at Cloudflare.

“When it comes to edge computing, closer is better. It’s that simple. These implementations will allow us to deliver the benefits of our Edge computing platform, Cloudflare Workers, to our customers exactly where they need them, when they need them, and with the security and performance they require.”

Based on the agreement, Cloudflare will deploy its edge cloud-based solutions on EdgeMicro’s facilities in Austin, Raleigh and Tampa as well as in 30+ additional sites within the U.S.

“For companies whose value proposition depends on performance and low latency, it simply doesn’t make sense to rely solely on the centralized peering of today’s Internet. That involves too much backhauling of data to and from the handful of peering exchanges in the U.S, resulting in undesirable performance,” said Mike Hagan, CEO of EdgeMicro.

Support services for the U.S. facilities will be provided through Murphy as EdgeMicro in December last year, signed a partnership agreement with Murphy Company to provide a nationwide data center support services across its U.S. Micro Data Centers.

“Clients like Cloudflare understand the value we are providing for the Edge, plus, we share the same vision for a better end-user Internet client experience. The collaboration we’ve had over the past several months has been amazing and goes deeper than the typical service provider-client relationship,” said Jason Bourg, Vice President of Sales at EdgeMicro.