Equinix Acquires Switch AMS1

The Amsterdam based colocation provider Switch Datacenter, has announced the acquisition of it’s Amsterdam Datacenter AMS1 by Equinix for $34 million (€30 million) in cash.
AMS1 currently offers 89,500 square feet of total floor space with 250 cabinets occupied by customers in the leased building.
“The transfer of the AMS1 data center to Equinix shows that Switch is respected and trusted by leading global players. This message is in line with the trust received from many other market leading names in the industry who trust us their ICT infrastructures and business,” said Edgar van Essen, a managing director at Switch.
Switch owns two other data centers in Amsterdam – AMS2 and AMS3 aside AMS1. The former is used mainly by an international IT firm while the latter was built for an unknown company which also provides colocation services.
Equinix said it will rename the acquired facility to AM11 and make it part of its southeast Amsterdam data center campus, which currently consists of four data centers (AM1, AM2, AM5, and AM7). It was further mentioned that the data center can accommodate 700 more cabinet when fully built out. There’s an adjacent building the site can be expanded to, which would add another 1,300 cabinets. The data center campus will be Equinix’s 9th facility in Amsterdam and 11th in the Netherlands.
“At first as a hosting company and later on as a renowned retail colocation provider, while we are now four years already highly experienced in building, designing and improving data center sites. Now is the right time to bring this unique knowledge forward and focus even more on becoming a data center technology development leader,” said Gregor Snip, Switch founder and CEO.
The company should not be confused with US-based Switch or the London-headquartered Global Switch, as it is entirely different.