Equinix, Inc. has announced the completion of its deal to acquire four data centers in Chile from Empresa Nacional De Telecomunicaciones S.A. (Entel), expanding Platform Equinix® footprint in Latin America.

Also expanding into Peru, Equinix further announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire one additional data center in Peru, also from Entel, which is now subject to the satisfaction of closing conditions.

Equinix earlier announced that it intends to acquire a total of four data centers valued at US$705 million. With adjustments in offer and target facilities, the closing value for the five data centers (including the Peru facility) is now approximately US$735 million at current exchange rates in effect on the dates of signing.

“We continue to see demand from businesses in Latin America, across all sectors, looking to transform their operations to be digital and cloud-enabled. Equinix’s expansion into Chile and Peru accelerates digital transformation opportunities in this rapidly growing region and is a critical step in our long-term strategy to broaden digital access for our customers globally,” said Tara Risser, President, Americas, Equinix.

“Chile’s access to sustainable energy sources such as solar, hydro and wind helps our customers in the region—as well as multinationals doing business with them—to grow responsibly and sustainably, which aligns with our global sustainability strategy.”

The four acquired data centers which are all in the Santiago, Chile metro include the Ciudad de los Valles facility, which features two data centers with approximately 170,000 gross square feet combined; the downtown Santiago site, which features approximately 46,000 gross square feet; and the Longovilo data center which offers approximately 31,000 gross square feet of space.

The data center in Peru is precisely sited in Lima and spans approximately 16,000 gross square feet. The acquisition of the data center in Peru is expected to close later in the year, subject to the satisfaction of closing conditions.