Cloud and edge service provider G-Core Labs, has opened a new point-of-presence (PoP) for its network infrastructure in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Located in a Tier III data center, the new PoP promises access to dedicated servers at a speed of up to 200mbps. Leveraging the economic strength of Johannesburg, G-core guarantees its content delivery network users an average response time of up to 30ms, and also provides dedicated hosting services to SMEs and large scale enterprises.

“The African continent is showing fairly good dynamics in the development of internet technologies. Today, 525 million Africans are connected to the internet, which is about 12% of all users of the global web,” said Dmitry Samoshkin, vice president of products at G-Core Labs.

“Internet penetration in South Africa is about 56%, so more than a half of the nearly 59m population watch live broadcasts, videos on demand, play games and buy online. If you want to deliver your content to local users earlier than your competitors or are looking for a dedicated server in South Africa, we are here.”

G-Core is known to be an international cloud and edge solution provider for the entertainment industry and media business. However, the company has since November, expanded its service scope to hosting other cloud and data center customers.

The company started its public cloud services with its Luxembourg data center and plans to replicate the service expansion across the globe.

“Our public cloud already offers a standard functionality of cross-functional virtual machines, not limited in capacity, with the options of smooth automatic scaling, system backup and data disaster recovery,” said Vsevolod Vayner, G-Core Labs cloud platform department head, in the November announcement.

“We allow our clients to create virtual cloud networks where they can set up private clusters to do necessary computations or to isolate a certain set of applications within their own cloud network.”

According to the company, its global infrastructures are spread across five continents and features more than 50 PoPs, operating a daily traffic volume of over 10Tbps.