Google Cloud VS Oracle

Oracle Corporation has again, lost another high-ranking executive Amit Zavery to Google LLC just in an interval of about four months from the first. Zavery is to head Google’s Apigee team as the new Google Cloud vice president of engineering.

The first was Thomas Kurian who was a confidant to Oracle’s founder and President of Product Development at Oracle Corporation. He was head of Oracle cloud and has been with the tech giant for 22years. Kurian moved to Google cloud in November, 2018 to become Google Cloud new CEO.

We now have Amit Zavery, another high-ranked executive who left Oracle Corp. just last week as executive vice president for Oracle cloud to become Google Cloud vice president of engineering which he has resumed. Zavery will be leading Google’s Apigee (API platform) team.

Zavery’s 24years experience with Oracle is now being moved to its rival and will definitely add value to Google cloud. The first place of exhibition is in the Apigee team where the API platform is similar to Oracle’s App development tool whose team was led by Zavery. Oracle expects a revenue of $2.1 billion from their App tool this year. With Zavery on Apigee, Google Cloud may not be far from such expectations.

Zavery will also work with Chet Kapoor, former Apigee CEO who has been a Google vice president since his company was bought out for $625 million in 2016.

This move of an executive from a rival firm can be seen as the manifestation of one of Kurian’s objective when he announced, “You’ll see us competing much more aggressively as we go forward”. He also added in the announcement that Google’s takeover strategies include hiring some of the best talent from around the industry to grow Google’s sales force.

Zavery’s move may just be the beginning.

On the other hand, what will be the fate of already panicking Oracle investors?