Google has just announced plans to invest about $10 billion in its offices and data centers across the United States in 2020.

As announced, the company will focus its new investments in 11 states which include Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New York, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington and California. These are part of the 26 states across the country where Google already has a presence. Hence, this year’s projects will be more of facility expansions.

“Last year, I visited Pryor to announce a $600 million investment, our fourth expansion there since 2007. It felt like the whole community came out to welcome us, from small business owners to teachers to Google employees,” said Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO.

“These investments will create thousands of jobs—including roles within Google, construction jobs in data centers and renewable energy facilities, and opportunities in local businesses in surrounding towns and communities.”

In the South, Google said it will invest in Atlanta where it will be welcoming new engineering teams to its office this year. The company also plans to expand its offices and data centers in Texas, Alabama, South Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee.

In the Midwest, Google recently opened a new Cloud office in Chicago and expanded its office in Madison, Wisconsin. It now plans to make additional investments in the company’s Detroit offices, open a new data center in Ohio, and complete the expansion of its data center in Iowa.

Right in Central U.S., Google plans to double its workforce over the next few years in Colorado and invest further in growing data centers in Nebraska and Oklahoma.

In the East, the company is opening its new Hudson Square campus in New York City, where Google claims to have the capacity to double its local workforce by 2028.

On to the West, Google will be expanding its Cloud campus in Seattle and undertaking a major development in Kirkland to open later this year. The company said it is making office and data center investments in Oregon and plans for new locations in the Bay Area of California and Los Angeles.

“This effort builds on the momentum of the $13 billion investment in communities from South Carolina to Nevada we made in 2019,” Pichai adds.