The telecommunications company of the LEW Group, LEW TelNet, has just announced that it plans to build new data center facility in Augsburg, Germany.

 Codenamed LEW Green Data Center, the new facility is to be built in two construction phases, each with two server rooms, and is to offer 1,900 square meters of space for up to 600 racks, with an investment of about 30 million euros.

“With the new LEW Green Data Center, we are putting our vision of a green data center in the region into practice – without making any compromises in terms of availability, security or service,” said Jörg Steins, Managing Director of LEW TelNet.

“We want to offer a convincing and sustainable complete solution. With us, our customers get their data center and site networking from a single source and can rest assured that the high requirements for data security, high availability and the implementation of legal requirements are met. In addition, the use of the LEW Green Data Center helps our customers to achieve their own climate protection goals.”

As announced, the construction work for the Green Data Center will start this summer, and the completion of the first construction phase is scheduled for the second half of 2024. Also, the new facility is planned to be directly connected to the network of LEW TelNet, while offering Power consumption value of ≥ 2MW and Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) value of ≤ 1.2.

“Green, decentralized, digital – that is our vision for the energy system of the future. The LEW Green Data Center combines these aspects in an exemplary overall concept that opens up the potential of digitization and sustainable energy,” said LEW board member Dietrich Gemmel.

“The conversion of the energy system and the reduction of CO 2 emissions is a task that affects all areas – the concept of the LEW Green Data Center is an important component here, which we are implementing with our know-how and with high investments here in the region.”

Recently, Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology arm of Alibaba Group, also announced the launch of its third data center in Frankfurt, Germany. As announced, the new data center is expected to support the digital infrastructure demands from customers across Europe.