TeleData, a Manchester data center operator has just been announced to become the fourth LINX Point-of-Presence (PoP) in the region.

 The London Internet Exchange (LINX) was first launched in Manchester in 2012, and has grown this regional Internet exchange to now boast of 3 PoPs in Manchester, which are located in 3 data center facilities with the just announced 4th underway. The exchange also claims to have over 140 connected member ports and a peak traffic of over 100Gbps.

 “LINX were aware of the need to increase the choice of data center partners in Manchester. Teledata are a great partner for LINX, they are long standing members, have a clear understanding of peering and are true supporters of the LINX Manchester Exchange. We are pleased to be able to make Teledata a LINX PoP,” said Jo Fereday, Product Manager at LINX.

LINX said it is adopting a multi-site deployment approach across its whole network to maintain a successful Internet exchange. On the hand, the exchange promises its members the choice of not only location but of carrier partners too, and also increase redundancy and resilience which are vital factors for any network looking to peer.

“We are thrilled that LINX Manchester has selected us as their 4th Manchester PoP. It marks a real quality stamp for us as a carrier neutral data center operator and is great news for our network intensive customer base, who will benefit significantly from peering on the LINX Manchester exchange directly from our sites,” said Matthew Edgley, Commercial Director at TeleData.

“We plan to make it as cost effective and simple as possible to become a member and join the exchange, by offering free of charge cross connects and discounted rack space for connected members.  We hope to play a key role in the future growth of the LINX exchange and help to develop Manchester’s connectivity capabilities even further.”