Proofpoint Leader In Enterprise Information Archiving

The cybersecurity and compliance company by the name of Proofpoint has been named by Gartner in the report of Leaders in the Magic Quadrant of 2018. Their spot is given for enterprise information archiving, and their position is obtained for the seventh year in a row.

This report provides a detailed overview of the enterprise information archiving market and evaluates companies based on the completion of their vision and their ability to execute.

“We believe our Leader position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving for the seventh consecutive year reflects our ability to reduce reputational risk across all electronically stored information sources that matter, including email, collaboration platforms, social media, voice, and text,” says Proofpoint compliance and digital risk senior vice president and general manager Darren Lee.

“From our view, we are committed to eliminating the burden of managing archiving in-house, streamlining compliance, automating eDiscovery, and giving our customers control of their data.”

Organizations have been increasingly migration their data to the cloud, as legacy on-premises solutions are not being able to provide a secure environment that qualifies as necessary to manage the growth of unstructured data.  

In comparison, Proofpoint Enterprise Archive simplifies this compliance, and is able to manage data growth as well as reduce the cost of e-discovery with efficiency, discovery, regulatory compliance, machine learning capabilities as well as provide end-user data access.

Proofpoint works across a wide collection of electronically stored information (ESI) sources which allows IT teams to manage in an efficient way the way to access their data.

Because regulations and requirements change drastically across regions all over the world, Proofpoint’s global presence is able to enable organizations to meet data sovereignty requirements at the same time benefiting from a customer base across all regulated industries such as financial services, public sector and healthcare.

Proofpoint Enterprise Archive establishes and imposes policies, as well as reviewing the processes for specific regulations and geographies to reduce the risk of expensive fines, adverse assumptions, and damaged reputations.

In September of this year, Proofpoint availability of its Closed-Loop Email Analysis and Response solution, also known as CLEAR, which is a closed-loop approach to instant end-user email reporting, analysis, and remediation to stop potentially threatening emails that are able to pass through perimeter defences.

Proofpoint CLEAR was the first shared solution announcement that followed their acquisition of Wombat Security. This eliminates the need for employees to manually forward potential malicious messages to abuse mailboxes, which often may result in incomplete information, like missing headers or attachments. Now users are able to report suspicious messages with a single click using an embedded PhishAlarm email reporting button.


CLEAR’s security automation capabilities reduce the number of alerts with automatic filtering of white-listed emails and simulated phishing which enables response teams to be able to better prioritize their work.