Google Cloud and Palo Alto Networks extended partnership

Google Cloud and Palo Alto Networks have extended their partnership to be able to include more security features and customer support for all their major public clouds.

Both companies have said that the partnership is meant to enable closer integration of their Application Framework, this also means that customers can take advantage of Google’s secure cloud storage.

“This partnership makes us a Google Cloud customer, allowing us to run important cloud-delivered security services at scale and with the benefits of Google’s AI and analytics expertise,” says Varun Badhwar, Palo Alto Networks SVP product & engineering for public cloud security.

“We’ll also be working with Google Cloud to offer organizations moving to Google Cloud additional visibility, compliance and security capabilities they need to prevent cyber-attacks.”

Another firm that will also be available to new and existing Google Cloud Platform customers is RedLock. This security firm is also now owned by Palo Alto Networks.

“RedLock from Palo Alto Networks helps organizations manage security risks and achieve and maintain compliance. By monitoring the use of GCP APIs, RedLock delivers real-time visibility across GCP resources, including containerized workloads in Google Kubernetes Engine,” states Google Cloud. 

“This enables continuous compliance monitoring and auto-generated reports for common regulations and standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and NIST, eliminating the need for lengthy manual audits. A new integration with GCP’s Security Baseline API (Alpha) means that customers can combine a view of their own security and compliance posture with data from GCP’s infrastructure, a capability not available on any other public cloud.”

Palo Alto Networks will also unveil new security integrations for their VM-Series virtual firewalls. In addition, they will also add Panorama network security management and Traps.


“Google Cloud Security Command Center (CSCC), currently in beta, is designed to provide centralized visibility into assets, vulnerabilities, and threats for GCP customers. With our new integrations, customers can push security alerts from the VM-Series, Traps, and RedLock into Google CSCC and gain centralized visibility into all of their security and compliance risks in their Google Cloud environment,” comments Palo Alto Networks. 


“These new integrations enhance existing collaboration efforts around the VM-Series, Traps, and RedLock with GCP and GKE, as well as Aperture for securing G Suite. Organizations invested in Palo Alto Networks on-premises security can extend and maintain consistent security controls across their on-premises, Google Cloud Platform, and G Suite presence.”