Google Cloud Opens Osaka Region

Google Cloud has just announced the opening of its new Osaka cloud region, Japan. This is the company’s second region in Japan, seventh in Asia Pacific and twentieth region globally.

The Osaka cloud region is now available to Google Cloud customers and promises lower latency to nearby organizations and improved system availability, as the company now boasts of two cloud regions in Japan with the first in Tokyo.

“We’ve invested more than $47 billion in our global infrastructure in the last three years, and we continue to invest to fuel the digital transformation journey of our customers across more than 150 countries… Today, we are honored that leading Japanese brands Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd and Kyocera Communication Systems Co., Ltd are choosing Google Cloud to help them push the boundaries of digital transformation in their industries,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud.

Google cloud is also partnering with NTT SmartConnect Corporation and SoftBank Corp to operate a closed network connection service in Japan with lower latency. The Tech giant said, this will support the needs of local customers.

“Our housing and cloud services are provided mainly from Osaka City. Now we can operate these using Cloud Cross Connect in a closed network and secure hybrid cloud environment with lower latency,” said Akira Shirahase, President of NTT SmartConnect Corporation. 

The Osaka region constitutes three availability zones (or data centers). The company said this is to protect against service disruptions and make it easier for Japanese companies to build “highly available, performant applications.”

“We look forward to welcoming you to the GCP [Google Cloud Platform] Osaka region, and we’re excited to see what you build with our platform,” adds Shinichi Abe, Managing Director, Google Cloud Japan.

The company also announced that more Google Cloud regions will be launched soon, starting with Seoul, Salt Lake City, and Jakarta in the first half of 2020.