U.S. tech giant IBM has launched its latest mainframe Z15, a platform that promises data privacy to customers across hybrid multi-cloud environments.

According to the company, Z15 culminates four years of development with over 3,000 IBM Z patents issued or in process, and represents a collaboration with input from over 100 companies.

“IBM Z is an essential component for addressing top concerns around hybrid cloud like security, privacy and agility. With Z15, our clients can have the cloud they want, with the privacy and security they need – protection for both traditional mission-critical workloads and newer workloads like digital asset custody or blockchain,” said Ross Mauri, GM of IBM Z.

“The reality is that for clients whose businesses depend on access to data in real time, IBM Z remains the go to choice. Often, our clients need access to data and analytic insights in a fraction of a second – not minutes, with the ability to control privacy of that data at a granular level.”

The new Z15 is designed with the ability to protect and provision and revoke access to data at any time, not only within its environment but across an enterprise’s hybrid multi-cloud environment.

The launching of the mainframe was accompanied by the release of a new IBM commissioned study conducted by The Harris Poll. It reports that 64 percent of all consumers have opted not to work with a business out of concerns of whether they could keep their data secure. On the other hand, that same study found 76 percent of respondents would be more willing to share personal information if there was a way to fully take back and retrieve that data at any time.

IBM boasts of its new technology to process up to one trillion web transactions a day, support massive databases, and scale-out to 2.4 million Linux containers in a single Z15 system.

“The IBM Z platform is one of our most modern infrastructure platforms in AIB. From our perspective, it’s absolutely pivotal to the successful operation of AIB, and by extension it is critical to the successful operation of payments and day-to-day banking activity across the Irish economy,” adds Graham Fagan, Director of Technology and Operations at Allied Irish Bank.