Oracle has just announced the launch of its new Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure, an expansion of its hybrid cloud portfolio.

The new offering is designed with the aim of bringing core infrastructure services to the edge with Roving Edge Devices (REDs) – ruggedized, portable, scalable server nodes. The Infrastructure is expected to help organizations run cloud workloads wherever they need them, even in the world’s most remote locations.

According to Oracle, the new service, Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure, forms part of its comprehensive hybrid cloud portfolio including Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer, Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer, and Oracle VMware Cloud Solution. Together, these solutions are claimed to provide customers with flexibility of location and a high degree of customer control so customers can run an identical set of Oracle Cloud services in their datacenters, run core cloud services entirely disconnected from the internet, and minimize dependencies on the public cloud.

 “Customers want choice when it comes to running workloads in the cloud. Each customer has different requirements based on data sovereignty, scale, or wanting the full experience of public cloud on-premises with all of Oracle’s cloud services. Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure is the latest example, delivering core infrastructure services to remote locations. Oracle’s hybrid cloud portfolio essentially delivers a cloud region wherever and however a customer needs it,” said Clay Magouyrk, executive vice president, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

As announced, the new infrastructure is intended to deliver core infrastructure services, platform software, enterprise grade security, and applications to the edge and disconnected locations. Furthermore, the service is said to enable customers operate cloud applications and workloads in the field, including machine learning inference, real-time data integration and replication, augmented analytics, and query-intensive data warehouses.

Additionally, Oracle stated that its new Roving Edge Infrastructure is a fully mobile, connection-independent extension of its customers’ Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) tenancy with a similar interface and workflow to provide a consistent and unified experience.