Oracle has just announced the opening of its Vinhedo cloud region located in São Paulo, which now makes Brazil Oracle’s latest country with its dual region offering.

The new region follows the launch of Oracle’s first São Paulo Cloud region last year, and aligns with the company’s dual-region cloud strategy which is aimed at supporting resilient applications in multiple geographically separated locations for disaster recovery and compliance requirements such as data residency policies.

“We’re thrilled to open Oracle’s Vinhedo Cloud region as our second region in Brazil. Part of our strategy has been to build a true disaster recovery solution with two regions to help our customers bring their most critical workloads to Oracle Cloud,” said Scott Twaddle, vice president, product, industries and partnerships, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

“With the Vinhedo Cloud region, customers across South and Latin America are able to move to the cloud faster and build resilient workloads that meet data sovereignty requirements and keep their data or metadata within borders.”

With a plan to operate 38 cloud regions globally by the end of 2021, this opening marks Oracle’s 30th cloud region. This is also an expansion of the Microsoft and Oracle cloud interoperability partnership that was established in June 2019. Customers like TIM Brasi can now run their mission-critical workloads across Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

“Our proposal is to take the customer experience to a new level, with more efficiency and agility, always with the highest levels of security. We are the first operator to promote a change of this dimension, also anticipating initiatives related to governance and sustainability, within a larger project, related to an ESG agenda that permeates all of TIM’s operations,” said Pietro Labriola, CEO of TIM Brasil.

“We are following the market movement and investing in areas such as analytics and digital, which are fundamental for the expansion of the company’s business, and we have partners that meet the highest levels of quality to highlight our pioneering spirit and reference for the telecommunications sector.”

As announced, the new cloud region will deliver Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services, including Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, Oracle Cloud VMware solution, and Oracle Cloud Applications services.