Renewable energy investor Quinbrook Infrastructure, has just announced the establishment of a joint venture with Birch Infrastructure to develop and construct renewables-powered hyperscale data center campuses in the US.

According to Quinbrook, the joint venture is setup with the consideration that demand for data computing and storage capacity is likely to grow at unprecedented rates over coming years as internet adoption rates increase and the products and services used by these internet users also increase in size.

“Demand for high-performance computing and data storage is expanding at an extraordinary pace, as is the need for those resources to be powered by renewable energy, which makes now the opportune time to partner with a like-minded specialist data center developer. Birch is that partner for Quinbrook,” said David Scaysbrook, co-founder and managing partner of Quinbrook.

“We are looking forward to combining our experience in renewable energy project development, construction and investment with Birch’s specialist expertise in data center siting and structuring of low cost power and utilities solutions, to address the acute demand for next generation, hyperscale data centers delivering a net zero carbon footprint.”

As announced, the joint venture has now started developing multiple sites to host advanced, mission critical, hyperscale data centers which according to the partners, will be designed and configured to meet the following objectives:

  1. Deliver sustained and long-term competitive cost advantages to the data center operators in land, power, utilities and related infrastructure costs;
  2. Provide low-cost ‘around the clock’ renewable power supply and back-up resiliency solutions;
  3. Assist hyperscale data center operators in meeting their accelerating carbon reduction and ‘net zero’ targets with low-cost renewable power; and
  4. Permit certification of each data center campus under the Department of Defense Protection Level 4+.

“We are excited about the opportunities that come through partnering with an experienced energy investment firm such as Quinbrook. Hyperscale, renewable-powered data centers are the future, and we’re thrilled to pair our experience with Quinbrook’s to help shape that future,” said Kenneth Davies, co-founder and Chief Risk Officer for Birch.