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Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC steps up as a challenger to Intel with IBM order win

TSMC Challenge Intel with new 7-nanometer chip Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is assured of securing a vital order from IBM for the production of premium server chips. TSMC is the sole supplier of iPhone core processors which controls 55%…


iPhone Passcode Bypass Found on New Apple Software Release iOS 12.1

iOS 12.1 Passcode Bypass Hack After only a couple of hours since Apple’s released it’s latest iOS someone was able to find a passcode bypass hack, that would allow access to private contacts on a locked iPhone. A Spanish security researcher, Jose…


Supermicro to review hardware for malicious chips, “despite the lack of any proof”

Supermicro to Review Hardware Bloomberg’s extensive report on October 4 claims that the Chinese Government had a plan to infiltrate data of companies like the CIA, Amazon, Apple, just to name a few of the almost 30 companies targeted. They…

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