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Microsoft to Acquire AT&T’s Network Cloud

MOVING ITS MOBILE NETWORK TO AZURE Microsoft has just announced that it is acquiring AT&T’s carrier-grade Network Cloud platform technology, establishing an alliance that provides a path for all of AT&T’s mobile network traffic to be managed using Microsoft Azure…


IBM Partners with AT&T Just after Its $34B Red Hat Acquisition

IBM STRATEGIC ALLIANCE WITH AT&T IBM and AT&T have announced signing a new cloud deal. This is coming about a week after IBM acquired Red Hat for $34 Billion. The multi-year strategic alliance will have AT&T Communications use IBM’s knowledge…


AT&T completes sale of data center arm to Brookfield at $1.1bn

AT&T Buy Brookfield for $1.1bn The US telecom giant, AT&T has on Tuesday completed the sales of its datacenter arm to Brookfield Infrastructure. This includes 31 datacenters with 18 in the United States and 13 across Europe and Asia. To…

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