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NextDC Launches Its First Micro Data Center in Perth

NEXTDC P2 JUST GOT A SIBLING Australian data center operator NextDC, has launched its first micro data center in the central business district of Perth, capital of Western Australia. Built to offer host interconnection services, the new micro or edge…


Digital Realty expands IBM Cloud in Australia

IBM CLOUD DIRECT LINK DEDICATED HOSTING SERVICE Digital Realty has just added IBM Cloud Direct Link to its services at the 3.5-hectare data center campus in Sydney, Australia. This Digital Realty facility, which is on Templar Road, Erskine Park, will…


iSeek Opens Cyclone-proof Data Center in Australia

CATEGORY-5 CYCLONE-PROOF FACILITY Australia-based data center provider iSeek, has just launched its new North Queensland Regional data center in Townsville, Australia. The data center facility which is set on the lower floor of the new Local Disaster Coordination Centre (LDCC),…


Keppel to Build New Data Center in Sydney, Australia

KEPPEL ACQUIRES LAND IN SYDNEY Singapore based Keppel Data Centers, has just acquired a 3,840 square meter (41,300 square foot) plot of land in Sydney, Australia, for the construction of its new data center. The land is located next to…


Gotransverse Opens Multi-Tenant Data Center in Sydney

AWS TAKES CHARGE OF THE OPERATIONS Cloud-based software provider Gotransverse, has today launched its new, multi-tenant data center facility in Sydney, Australia. The data center was built for regulatory compliance and to accommodate Gotransverse’s intelligent billing customers in Australia, starting…


EQT Offers to Acquire Vocus Group for $2.3B

EQT OFFERS $2.3B FOR VOCUS The Australian telecoms firm Vocus Group Ltd has received a $2.3 billion (A$3.3 billion) acquisition offer from Swedish private-equity firm EQT Infrastructure. Vocus’ rapidly expanding fiber network and its 17 data centers across Australia and…

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