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LD7 – Equinix £90M Data Center in London Now Open

Equinix Opens London LD7 Equinix has opened its new International Business Exchange (IBX) data center LD7 at its London Slough campus. This new £90 million ($120m) facility is the company’s 12th data center in the UK. LD7 offers space for…


Equinix Acquires Switch Datacenter AMS1 in Amsterdam for $34 million

Equinix Acquires Switch AMS1 The Amsterdam based colocation provider Switch Datacenter, has announced the acquisition of it’s Amsterdam Datacenter AMS1 by Equinix for $34 million (€30 million) in cash.AMS1 currently offers 89,500 square feet of total floor space with 250…


Equinix to Build Its Fourth Data Center in Melbourne

Equinix ME1 in Melbourne Equinix is building a new data center in Melbourne worth $84 million. This new facility is code-named “ME2” and will be Equinix fourth data center in Melbourne which is coming after ME1, ME4 and ME5. ME2…


Equinix to launch new IBX Data Center SY5 in Sydney

Equinix SY5 in Sydney Equinix, Inc.; a leading multinational company in the global colocation data center market, has just announced its plans to extend digital edge with a new International Business Exchange (IBX) data center SY5 in Sydney. The data…


Equinix fourth data center in Germany

Equinix fourth data center in Germany It’s obvious that Equinix is not wasting time in expanding their company in 2019. On the firsts days of the new year, the global interconnection giant revealed their plans for a new seven-story data…


Equinix to build new seven-story data center (SG4) in Singapore

Equinix to Build 7 Story Data Center in Singapore The American multinational company headquartered in Redwood City, California – Equinix, has just announced its plan to construct their fourth data center in Singapore at the cost of $85 million.  …

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