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Facebook Fifth Data Center in Altoona Now Approved

Facebook Fifth DC in Altoona The Social media giant Facebook, has gained the approval of Altoona City Council for the development its fifth data center facility in Altoona, Iowa. The new $400 million facility is designed to be H-shaped and…


Maximum Fine Issued to Facebook by UK’S ICO Over Cambridge Analytica Scandal

£500k Fine for Facebook / 15 mins of Profit The social media giant – Facebook, just got fined by UK’s government via the Information Commissioner (ICO); Elizabeth Denham, who issued the 27-paged “Monetary Penalty Notice” on 24 October over the…


Solar Farms to Power Facebook Data Centers

Facebook to be Powered by Solar Energy Facebook announced on their newsroom blog that they are committing to lower emissions and to be 100% powered by renewable energy.  “Today (August 28, 2018), we are committing to reducing our greenhouse gas…

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