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Macquarie Plans New Canberra Govt Data Center

1.5MW TO BE READY BY DECEMBER Macquarie has just announced it plans to build a new government-dedicated data center Intellicentre 5 (IC5), at its Canberra campus in Australia to meet rising demand. The project will be led by Macquarie Government…


Oracle launches three Government Cloud Regions

ORACLE SECURES FEDRAMP CERTIFICATION Oracle has just announced the launch of three new government cloud data center regions in Ashburn, Virginia; Phoenix, Arizona and Chicago, Illinois. The new cloud regions are coming after the company secured high-level compliance and security…


Meet Sierra: Livermore’s powerful new supercomputer

Sierra Super Computer 240 Racks In this current era, nuclear tensions between nations is once again ramping up. North Korea’s past nuclear testing, concerns over Iran’s nuclear capabilities, and China’s growing military might has made nuclear deterrents one of this…


Maximum Fine Issued to Facebook by UK’S ICO Over Cambridge Analytica Scandal

£500k Fine for Facebook / 15 mins of Profit The social media giant – Facebook, just got fined by UK’s government via the Information Commissioner (ICO); Elizabeth Denham, who issued the 27-paged “Monetary Penalty Notice” on 24 October over the…


US to block Chinese DRAM company Fujian Jinhua from buying American components

US Restrict Exports to China on Fears of IP Theft On Monday, October 29, the U.S Commerce Department announced in a press release that they are going to restrict exports to the Chinese company Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit Company, Ltd.…


Legislators Request Pentagons IG To Investigate JEDI Contract Terms

Pentagons IG to Investigate JEDI Contract The call for proposals that was just concluded on 12 October by Pentagon for the $10 Billion JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure) US military cloud contract, did not end without filed, verbal, published and…

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