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Teraco Builds 38MW Data Center in South Africa

AFRICA’S LARGEST TO DATE Teraco Data Environments Ltd., has just commenced the construction of a new hyperscale data center JB4 in Ekurhuleni, east of Johannesburg, South Africa. JBA is Teraco’s seventh data center and designed to offer up to 38MW…


QTS Opens a 72MW Hyperscale Data Center in Atlanta

SECOND MEGA FACILITY ON THE METRO CAMPUS Colocation and hyperscale data center provider QTS Realty Trust, has officially announced the opening of its new data center on its Atlanta Metro campus. Codenamed DC2, the newly commissioned QTS data center spans…


Hyperscale Data Center Companies: Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and More

HYPERSCALE DATA CENTER TREND AND MARKET Today, hyperscale data center companies are among the top-earning ventures in the world as they leverage the ever-increasing demand for data storage, management, processing and distribution. Understanding its market trend, tradeoffs, strength and weaknesses…


Airtrunk to Build New 110MW Data Center in Sydney

A $1 BILLION (AUD) HYPERSCALE FACILITY Australian hyperscale data center provider Airtrunk, has confirmed it plans to build a new 110MW data center in Sydney, Australia. With an investment of 1 billion AUD (approx. 680 million USD), the company plans…


Cologix acquires Montreal Hyperscale COLO-D

Cologix Power Ahead in Canada Data center provider Cologix has obtained two large wholesale colocation data centers in Montreal, to be added to their list of seven facilities already in that location, having purchased the Montreal-based hyperscale specialist, COLO-D. The…


Colt DCS funding a 100MW data center in Mumbai

Colt fund Hyperscale Facility in India Colt Data Centre Services is a hyperscale technology company that is trying to grow,  that is why last week they announced that they have victoriously obtained land in Mumbai and are planning to build…

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