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Oracle Opens Second Cloud Region in India

ORACLE DUAL REGION STRATEGY Oracle has just announced the opening of its new India cloud region located in Hyderabad, which makes a pair with the pre-existing facility in Mumbai. The provision of a second cloud region in India is in…


Google Announces Four New Cloud Regions

QATAR APPROVES ITS FIRST GCP REGION Google has announced plans to develop four new cloud regions in Delhi, India; Doha, Qatar; Melbourne, Australia and Toronto, Canada. These new Google Cloud Platform (GCP) regions are to join the previously announced projects…


NTT Officially Launch Its New Global Data Center Division

$1.5B DATA CENTER EXPANSION SETS FOR INDIA Japanese networking giant and global data center provider NTT, has officially launched its new NTT Global Data Centers division after consolidating its affiliates under the NTT brand name. Last year, the company brought…


Flipkart Opens its Data Center in Hyderabad

Flipkart Opens Hyderabad DC The e-commerce company Flipkart, has announced the opening of its data center in Hyderabad, Telangana of Southern India. This is the company’s second data center in the country and the first in the state of Telangana.…

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