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Pentagon Pulls Down $10B JEDI Cloud Contract

DOD TURNS TO A MULTI-VENDOR MODEL The U.S. Defense Department, Pentagon, has just canceled its $10 billion JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure) cloud contract which was awarded to Microsoft Corp., having faced lots of contest and criticism from rival cloud…


Microsoft beats Amazon to Win DoD’s $10B Contract

AZURE MAKES IT TO THE MILITARY ZONE At long last, DoD’s (US Department of Defense) controversial $10 billion JEDI cloud contract has just been awarded to Microsoft over Amazon. The Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) cloud deal is expected to…


Microsoft and Amazon now left in the JEDI Contract Tussle

Microsoft Or Amazon For JEDI Contract Microsoft Corp. and Amazon are now the only standing competitors for the Pentagon JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure) $10 billion contract, after the elimination of other giants which includes IBM and Oracle. It was…


Legislators Request Pentagons IG To Investigate JEDI Contract Terms

Pentagons IG to Investigate JEDI Contract The call for proposals that was just concluded on 12 October by Pentagon for the $10 Billion JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure) US military cloud contract, did not end without filed, verbal, published and…


Microsoft employees; not in support of US JEDI military project – Protests for a pull out

Microsoft employees protest US JEDI Military Contract It all started on March 7, when the US Department of Defense (DoD) requested for proposals for the award of its JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure) military project. Tech giants have since then,…

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