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DataBank Expands its Kansas City Data Center

ADDING 2MW OF POWER CAPACITY Data center colocation and connectivity provider DataBank, has just announced the expansion of its KC3 facility in Kansas City, establishing two new data halls (Hall 2 and Hall 3) on the facility. According to DataBank,…


Google Plans a $600M Data center in Kansas City

TAX BREAK WORTH UP TO $25B The tech giant Google is considering a $600 million data center project in Kansas City, Missouri, with approval from local authorities. As reported by The Kansas City Star, the Port Authority of Kansas City’s…


DataBank to launch its new Data Center in Kansas City

DataBank New Kansas DataCenter The datacenter and network provider DataBank, has announced the launching schedule of its just-completed data center KC3, in Kansas City. KC3 is DataBank’s third facility in the market of Kansas City. Sited in Lakeview Avenue of…

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