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Oracle Opens Its Second Cloud Region in Brazil

DELIVERING ITS LATEST DUAL REGION Oracle has just announced the opening of its Vinhedo cloud region located in São Paulo, which now makes Brazil Oracle’s latest country with its dual region offering. The new region follows the launch of Oracle’s…


Microsoft to Launch Its First Cloud Region in Israel

EXPECTED TO OPEN IN 2021 Microsoft has announced its plans to launch its first cloud region in Israel, starting with the construction of a data center to serve customers’ data residency needs. In compliance with the European Union General Data…


Microsoft and Oracle Joins Canada at Christmas

EXPANDING CLOUD INTEROPERABILITY PARTNERSHIP The cloud giants, Microsoft and Oracle have officially expanded their cloud interoperability partnership to Canada, enabling cross-workload operations on Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud. As cloud enterprise customers in Canada prepare for the Christmas holidays, these…


Microsoft and Amazon now left in the JEDI Contract Tussle

Microsoft Or Amazon For JEDI Contract Microsoft Corp. and Amazon are now the only standing competitors for the Pentagon JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure) $10 billion contract, after the elimination of other giants which includes IBM and Oracle. It was…

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